Imaging systems

TAKAGI has full HD and medical grade systems for slit lamps and operating microscopes, with patient
software, and tailored to your exacting requirements.

Digital camera & image
filing software TD-10/EyeCAM

  • Digital camera & image filing software TD-10/EyeCAM
  • Use of Ultra High Resolution 10.7 Mega Pixel Camera with 3856 x 2764 picture size, delivering 7.4 times higher-resolution compared to the previous digital camera of TD-1plus
  • USB 3.0 Connection Interface – by changing to the new USB 3.0 interface, data transfer speed is now approximately 6.4 times faster than that of the previous IEEE1394b fire-wire interface. Stress-free high-resolution live images are made possible with a high frame rate of 28 fps.
  • User friendly software with patient database, full image editing facility, and DICOM compatibility
  • Neat Digital Imaging System with hidden cables – in combination with TAKAGI LED slit lamps minimum cables for TD-10 are exposed as they can be quickly and neatly concealed in the slit lamp’s arm.
  • Yellow Filter Built in as Standard – high-contrast images are easily obtained by using the builtin yellow filter for corneal fluorescein observation. In conjunction with TAKAGI slit lamps cobalt blue filter even higher-contrast images can be achieved
  • Capturing of Still Images with One Push – still images can be captured instantly and conveniently by pressing the joystick button of the slit lamp. Captured images can be displayed as thumbnail images in the right part of the screen for evaluation
  • New EyeCAM main screen design – the conventional image filing software & patient database have been further upgraded for more ease of use and intuitive handling by reviewing each icon while maintaining the convenient functionality.
  • Easy capture with six pre-stored eye settings and automatic left/right eye detection
  • Convenient comparison functions for Follow-up observations – newly captured images and images taken in past examinations can be displayed on the same screen. Up to six images can be displayed and compared at once.

Picture size: 3856 x 2764

Resolutino depth: 12 bit

Frame rate: 28 fps

Dimensions: 79 (W) x 60 (D) x 181 (H) [mm]

Digital interface: USB 3.0

Digital camera adaptor TD-2

  • Light path changeable in accordance with right or left better eye through one-touch operation – the light path to capture images into the digital camera can be changed in accordance with the examiner’s better eye. By adjusting the dial on the back, you can change the light path through one-touch operation. The fundus can be observed without worrying about displacement between an image in the field of view and a captured image
  • Yellow filter IN/OUT mechanism – high-contrast images can be obtained by using a built-in yellow filter in cornea fluorescence observation. Easy filter IN or OUT is available through one-touch operation. In its setting with our slit lamp, high contrast images can be obtained by the best matching with a cobalt blue filter
  • Capturing of still image with one push – by connecting a trigger cable between the slit lamp and camera, a still image can be captured every time the joystick button of the slit lamp is pushed
  • Combination with background illumination system – combination with background illumination of the slit lamp is more effective in the explanation to patient
  • Camera models compatible with TD-2 – TD-2 types do not come with a digital camera. For the purchase of a digital camera, refer to the following compatible cameras:
    • CANON Digital SLR Cameras
    • NIKON Digital SLR Cameras

Digital imaging system DIS-1

  • Compact high definition digital imaging system for operating microscopes – a powerful compact beam splitter with integrated single CMOS Full HD color sensor for operating microscopes. The live operating image can be displayed easily on a monitor only by simply connecting the video cable, giving instant live video display at an impressive 30 frames per second
  • Intuitive camera settings by the on-screen display controller – fingertip operation of the OSD (On-Screen Display) via the control keypad located on the side of the main unit for navigating and adjusting various camera settings. Camera parameters are easily adjusted by selecting the menu displayed on the monitor, eliminating the need of a separate camera control unit, minimizing external cable exposure from the microscope
  • Sharp & clear Full HD live image – this high-end integrated CMOS sensor supports a full high definition video signal through the BNC connector. A composite video signal connector is also equipped as standard
  • Power supply from the internal microscope board – when used with Takagi LED operating microscopes OM-6, OM-9, and OM-19, power can be supplied from the internal board of the operating microscope
  • Accessories – components supplied as standard:
    • Main body, HD-SDI cable with BNC connectors (10m), DIS power cable for OM-6, OM-9, and OM-19, DC power extension cable (3m), AC power adapter (12V) with US & EU plugs
    • Options: HD-SDI to HDMI converter and HDMI cable

Power supply: DC12 [V]

Power consumption: 1.7 [VA]

Optical sensor: 1/3-inch progressive scan CMOS

Frame rate: 30 fps (1080P)

Effective pixels: 1920 (H) x 1080 (V)

SONY Medical imaging range

  • TAKAGI supply the full range of SONY Medical cameras recorders and monitors, complimenting their range of operating microscopes and slit lamp microscopes.
  • The SONY Medical Imaging range provides surgeons and clinical staff the ultimate in high definition, 3D video, and still images used for live surgical procedures, patient records, consulting, training and education
  • SONY Medical Imaging Cameras
    • SONY medical video cameras allow surgeons and clinical staff to capture colour images during surgical procedures. Surgeons can benefit from full HD image quality in a compact camera head that integrates efficiently with Takagi surgical microscopes and slit lamp systems. SONY 3D medical cameras capture stereoscopic images in Full HD to provide improved depth perception and spatial orientation compared with 2D imaging
  • SONY Medical Recorders
    • SONY medical recorders can store high quality colour video and still images captured during investigative procedures or surgery. Highly detailed HD images can be recorded to internal hard disk or DVD, and simultaneously recorded to an external USB drive or streamed to a server on the hospital network. Images captured with SONY medical recorders provide an accurate lasting documentation of surgical procedures to assist with patient records, consultation, training and education.
  • SONY Surgical Monitors
    • Featuring resolution up to 4K, SONY monitors provide surgeons with crisp clear images during live surgery and also slit lamp clinical examinations. SONY’s surgical monitors are compliant with the latest standards for clinical use. The 15” to 55” displays suit a wide range of applications including 3D capability.